Stand Up

Paddle & Pedal Boarding

Cardiff’s iconic reservoirs

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Following an unconfirmed case of ‘swimmer’s itch’ at Lisvane and Llanishen Reservoirs, open-water swimming sessions and stand up paddle-boarding are postponed until further notice.


Stand-Up Paddle & Pedal Boarding in Cardiff

At Lisvane & Llanishen Reservoirs, we welcome beginners, seasoned pros and everyone in between.

You can bring your own kit and pay to launch your craft or hire all the equipment you’ll need from us.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddleboarding is an offshoot of surfing where instead of laying on the board, you stand up and use a paddle to propel yourself. The board itself is larger than a surfboard too. One of the UK’s fastest growing sports, paddleboarding is a fantastic all-body workout and fun for all ages.

We also have our Jumbo SUP which is a paddleboard large enough for eight adults to paddle at the same time. This board is extremely stable and a good choice for those who need a very stable platform or extra support.

Stand-Up Pedal Boarding

Stand-Up Pedal Boards are a new watercraft that combines the fun of a SUP, with the comfort of handlebars. You step on two pedal pads on the board and this drives two fins side-to-side beneath the board propelling you forwards with incredible efficiency and speed…

Take Care

All of our activities are planned and delivered in such a way as to work with and preserve the very delicate natural environment we have on site. As such, we restrict numbers, access and types of activities to ensure our programme is delivered responsibly. If you have any questions, our team would be happy to explain.